The Canary Islands’ safety stamp in the fight against the coronavirus has made the leap to the entire archipelago with the aim of promoting and implementing measures and protocols of action to prevent contagion.

The Be Safe, Stay On initiative, developed by Agree in collaboration with Magma Innovation Services, makes the jump to the whole of the Canary Islands. Under this Canary Island stamp, the implementation of safety measures and action protocols is reinforced to protect tourists, employees of the establishments that have joined the initiative and the general population from coronavirus infection.

The aim of Be Safe is to prevent the spread of the virus, thus protecting the health and economy of the Canary Islands, and to promote the Islands as a safe destination for visitors, tour operators and origin countries alike. The stamp also guarantees that the establishments that join it are spaces that comply with the Be Safe regulations for safe spaces.

The programme, which started in Lanzarote as a pilot test, has been very well received. The necessary measures are being implemented to help control the pandemic. For this, work will be carried out in three scenarios – the establishments that have joined the stamp, which must comply with a series of requirements to protect both tourists and employees from infection by the coronavirus, the employees, who will be tested for antigens regularly, and the general population for whom antigen testing points will also be available, if they wish to be tested.

Be Safe started in Lanzarote as a pilot test and has been very well received by the island’s businesses

Be Safe aims to ensure that tourists, tour operators and the people of the archipelago themselves can breathe a sigh of relief and confidence for as long as they enjoy the Canary Islands. The initiative also brings together under the same umbrella all the establishments or companies that wish to take advantage of a COVID-19 prevention plan, offering an image of unity and coherence that will accredit them as spaces that care for the safety of their customers and employees. For this, through the company Canarifarm, establishments that request it will be provided with hygienic sanitary material such as masks, protective visors, thermometers, glasses, sanitation stations, disinfectant gels and mats, among others, as well as the approved coronavirus antigen tests that certify the state of health with respect to the virus.


To ensure the safety of everyone and the economic, social and health recovery of the Canary Islands, the Be Safe stamp means that a series of requirements have been met to ensure that the origin markets, tour operators, visitors and the general public have confidence in the archipelago as a safe destination and contribute to its promotion.

To obtain certification, member companies and their employees will undergo a series of periodic checks to ensure that they continue to comply with the protocols and practices that are part of the programme. In this case, the tourism establishments will have the stamp certifying that they are safe spaces.

The Be Safe member establishments have a certification stamp for spaces that comply with COVID-19 prevention and control protocols and contribute to the promotion of the Islands as a safe destination

They will also have access to the Be Safe digital platform containing the measures and protocols for action as well as all the specialised information on the material available to prevent contagion. The Web site will also provide visibility and promotion of the establishments that have joined the programme and have demonstrated their commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism, protecting the population, employees and tourists and, therefore, the economic engine of the Canary Islands.

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