The initiative, promoted by the Lanzarote Business Circle, has the institutional support of the islands’ government.

Its objective is to create a safety circuit by implementing measures and protocols for action, aimed at tourists, establishments and the general public, reinforced by monitoring and controlling them to guarantee the safety of the island and its visitors against the spread of the pandemic.

Be Safe, Stay On is a business strategy whose main objective is to reinforce the implementation of safety and protection measures for the island for tourists and local people and to promote the island as a safe destination for tourists, tour operators and countries of origin.

Its official presentation on 5 November was attended by the Chair of the Lanzarote government, María Dolores Corujo, the Chair of the Lanzarote Business Circle, José Valle, and the spokesperson for the initiative, Davinia Armas.

The first phase of the Be Safe programme, promoted by the Lanzarote Business Circle and reinforced thanks to the support of the island’s authorities, will be carried out by implementing measures and protocols that will help to control and prevent the current situation in the tourism sector as well as contributing to making the establishments and the island itself a safe destination.

Be Safe is committed to reinforcing safety and protection measures for tourists and the general population as well as promoting Lanzarote as a safe destination

The Chair of the Lanzarote Government, María Dolores Corujo, pointed out that “in the midst of the urgency of dealing with the damage caused, both in terms of health and social issues, we have made a major effort to hold a dialogue with the economic sectors most affected, trying to prepare ourselves to face the long period in which we will continue to be under the permanent threat of the coronavirus. In this respect, to prepare ourselves to overcome the difficult moments that still lie ahead, I sincerely believe that two innovative projects stand out: the early warning system based on the analysis of waste water, which you already know, and the Be Safe project that we are presenting today. Both projects follow the same logic: to do everything we can for Lanzarote in Lanzarote and from Lanzarote. To put it clearly and explicitly, we have set ourselves the task to assume our own responsibility in our hands to take the lead in our recovery.”

The Chair of the Lanzarote Business Circle, José Valle, indicated that “the gradual reopening of tourist corridors still does not allow the slow recovery of the sector, which has been seriously affected by the crisis generated by the coronavirus. Our island cannot be left behind; we are looking for solutions to overcome this paralysis and to do so it is essential to transmit safety and confidence to the consumer, which is precisely what the implementation of the Be Safe certification stamp will allow us to do.” He also pointed out that “the arrival of tourists to Lanzarote fell by 90% during September alone, which has meant practically the complete paralysis of the sector and the loss of thousands of jobs. Given the known data on unemployment registered in October, which amounts to 927 new unemployed, and with a cumulative figure of 17,975 people, José Valle sees the need to put forward value proposals to recover tourist activity, the main economic sector of the Canary Islands.

The Be Safe spokesperson, Davinia Armas, pointed out that “in addition to reinforcing the implementation and start up of actions and protocols that help to control and prevent the current situation for the tourism sector, the stamp aims to give visibility to and recognise the responsibility and involvement of the establishments that comply with the COVID-19 measures and protocols set by the national and regional governments and the health authorities.”

“Lanzarote is working with two innovative projects to fight coronavirus, the early warning system based on the analysis of waste water and the Be Safe initiative to do in Lanzarote and from Lanzarote everything we can for Lanzarote”, said María Dolores Corujo, Chair of the island government

Likewise, the Be Safe, Stay On initiative and certification, developed by Agree Negocios and Magma Innovation Services, will project an image of unity and consistency by the establishments that join it and will also accredit them as a Be Safe space that cares for the safety of their customers. Likewise, a series of measures will be implemented for both tourists, visitors and establishments, ranging from providing the necessary material and equipment to prevent contagion, among other measures which aim to facilitate and guarantee that our spaces are safe. We must focus the initiative on achieving the maximum guarantee of responsible and sustainable tourism.


The Be Safe stamp implies compliance with the safety and prevention measures set for tourists, establishments and staff, so that both the issuing markets and tour operators, visitors and the population of Lanzarote have confidence in the recovery of the island as a safe destination and contribute to promoting it.

The Be Safe initiative will have a digital platform to ensure that all the measures and protocols are within reach of the establishments as well as containing specialised information, among other advantages such as the visibility and promotion of the establishments that have joined the programme and have demonstrated their commitment and responsibility. The objective must continue to be to protect, first and foremost, our population and our tourism and therefore the economic engine of Lanzarote.

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